Tractor Implements and Attachments

Tractor Implements and Attachments

Agriculture is the maker of the Indian economy which creates an impact in most of the livelihoods of the country, indirectly if not directly. The process of development in Agriculture started in the late 60’s in the Indian domain. A remarkable development in this industry has been with the creation and provision of Tractor Implements.

This blog is an insight into the world of Tractor Implements one can use along with the tractor or in the field related to farming.

Various Tractor Implements and Attachments that can be used along with a tractor in the fields are:


Rotavator (counted in Tractor Implements) is modern machinery used to break, churn and aerate the soil which in turn increases the oxygen count of the soil and makes it better for cropping and easier for harvesting. Rotavators, used as Tractor Implements, is formed by joining a set of blades or rotors which are connected to the motor which breaks through the soil when the spin.


Cultivator (counted in Tractor Implements) is purpose specific machinery used to plough or reduce the soil into fine particles, which in turn is done to sow the seeds before the cropping process starts or might be done to kill the weeds. Cultivator, used as Tractor Implements is a set of metal thorns which move along the field and function.


Plough (counted in Tractor Implements) resembles the age old traditional equipment called ‘Hal’ and works on the same principle. Plough now used as tractor implements is one of the most important tools used to turn and break the soil, in addition, it is used in controlling and prevention of Weeds.


Harrow (counted in Tractor Implements), is an up gradation in the usage of Plough. Plough as is used for basic cultivation and goes deep into the soil; a Harrow whereas works by cutting into the soil in the above and surface layers and breaking it up. Harrow used as tractor implements rather than the Plough works for clod rupturing and making the soil suitable for sowing and other agricultural purposes.


Trailer (counted in Tractor Implements) is an addition to the main body or machinery of the tractor which is used to enhance the capability of carrying loads. The trailer makes a tractor more dependable by adding a spacious tool which can easily accommodate loads. Various types of Trailers which are used as tractor implements have been made available, depending upon the usage. Finer versions of Trailer work on Hydraulics which increase the power and control.

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