Top 5 Swaraj 4WD Tractors in India: Price & Specification

 Top 5 Swaraj 4WD Tractors in India: Price & Specification

Best 5 Selling Swaraj 4WD Tractor Price List in India 2023 

In this blog, we will describe the best 5 Swaraj 4WD tractor models that make crop production easier for every crop grower while ensuring cost-efficiency.

1. Swaraj 855 FE 4WD 

Swaraj 855 FE 4WD

The Swaraj 855 FE is a power-packed tractor model with a 4-wheel drive mechanism. It is suitable for challenging surfaces as this Swaraj 4WD tractor provides a better grip while ensuring high performance. This tractor model has a 3-cylinder engine with 3308 CC capacity, offering 2000 RPM at 52 HP. Moreover, a constant and sliding mesh transmission offers a smooth driving experience with 8 forward + 2 reverse gears. 

In terms of control and safety, it has dry/oil-immersed multi-disc brakes with power steering. Along with this, the tractor’s 6-spline, 46 horsepower PTO is crucial for carrying out essential farming tasks. However, the Swaraj 855 FE 4WD price is reasonable in India as per the modern features. 

2. Swaraj 963 FE 4WD


The Swaraj 963 FE 4WD is a farming vehicle for every heavy-duty agricultural task. Its 4-wheel drive gives desired performance with all four wheels. The 60 HP, 3-cylinder engine provides impressive power for a variety of farming operations. Equipped with a power steering and differential cylinder, this Swaraj tractor can be easily operated on any terrain. 

Furthermore, the 53.6 HP PTO helps with necessary farming implements. On the other hand, the huge 60-litre fuel tank capacity helps in a longer duration of operations without constant interruptions. This best Swaraj 4WD tractor has a strong hydraulic lifting capacity of 2200 kg to lift heavy tools seamlessly. Apart from these features, the Swaraj 963 FE 4WD has a justified price with a reasonable warranty. 

3. Swaraj 744 FE 4WD 


This Swaraj 4WD tractor comes with advanced farming features to boost the quantity and quality of the crop yield. And the 4-wheel drive mechanism has a crucial role in it. The Swaraj 744 FE 4WD offers adequate power for haulage and other essential farming operations such as ploughing and harvesting. Moreover, this tractor is best suited for driving in wet farming fields.

 The tractor has a 48 HP engine with 3 cylinders to generate an impressive 2000 RPM. This model has a combination of constant mesh & sliding mesh transmission. At the same time, it has a power steering to give smoother handling in every farming task. The 40.3 HP PTO is a necessary feature of this Swaraj 4WD tractor, making it a popular farming vehicle. As a result, the Swaraj 744 FE 4WD is a valuable agricultural machine for any modern crop grower.

4. Swaraj 969 FE Trem IV-4WD 

swaraj 969

Swaraj 969 FE Trem IV-4WD is a reliable tractor from Swaraj. This tractor model has a 3-cylinder, 70 HP engine with 3478 CC displacement capacity. It gives a high performance to carry out necessary farming tasks. The 4-wheel drive mechanism of this Swaraj tractor is suitable for challenging farming terrain.

The dual-clutch, constant mesh transmission gives a smooth driving experience without hassle. Moreover, the dry-type air filter of this Swaraj 4WD tractor model keeps the engine safe from dust and dirt. However, this tractor from Swaraj is reasonably priced in India, making it a preferred choice among farmers. 

5. Swaraj Target 630  

swaraj Target 630

The Swaraj Target 630 is a best-in-class compact tractor model with a 4-wheel drive mechanism. Its 3-cylinder, 1331 CC capacity engine produces 2800 RPM. This compact tractor from Swaraj is ideal for orchard farming or small-scale crop production. Furthermore, the mechanical synchromesh transmission helps in a smoother farming experience. 

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