New MHCV Range of Tata Trucks all trucks price and full details


New MHCV Range of Tata Trucks

Confused with the new names of Tata trucks? Here in this article, we decode the new names of Tata trucks that have been introduced in the MHCV market recently.

New MHCV Range of Tata Trucks

The governmentâs regulation of increased axle loading norms for heavy trucks has resulted in an increase of GVW and payload capacity of MHCV trucks above 16.2 tons. It is a big boost to the trucking industry and is likely to reduce the transportation cost of goods. Overloading has been a menace in India resulting in deterioration of roads and an increasing number of accidents. The revised axle loading norms are being brought to match with international standards and also to curb the heavy overloading practice currently prevailing.

As a result of the new norms, two-axle trucks with earlier GVW of 16.2 tons will now have a maximum GVW of 18.5 tons. Similarly, 3 axle trucks in 6x2 configuration will now have a maximum gross weight of 28 tons instead of earlier 25 tons. 4 axle trucks in 8x2 configuration will now have a max capacity of 35 tons instead of 31 tons earlier. And 14 wheeler 5 axle trucks, which earlier offered a GVW of 37 tons now offer 42 tons. Similarly for tractor trailers reaching up to a maximum of 55 tons.

New Tata trucks with price details:

It offers 2.3 tons higher gross weight than its predecessor LPT 1613, gets powered by the same Tata 697 TCIC engine with EGR technology and produces 136 HP of power. Tata LPT 1913 price in India starts from Rs 19.9 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

  • Tata LPT 1918 TC

  • Powered by Cummins ISBe 5.9 CRDi engine, LPT 1918 TC offers an all-time high of 180 HP power, compared to 159 HP by its predecessor LPT 1615 TC. Both the trucks offer the same deck length options of 18 ft, 24 ft, and 32 ft.

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    With a unique 4 cylinder 5 liters Turbotronn engine with EGR technology of emission control, Tata 1918 Turbotronn offers a max power of 176 HP and max torque of 590 Nm. Tata LPT 1918 Turbotronn mileage is claimed to be best in class owing to its engine architecture, and it comes with a 6 years 6 lakh km driveline warranty. Tata LPT 1918 Turbotronn price in India starts from Rs 20.3 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

    The new 10 wheeler truck from Tata trucks stable, offers the same 177 HP of power as its predecessor LPT 2518, but a 3 ton higher gross weight. This enhances the truck’s productivity to carry more weight, thus leading to higher owner’s profitability from the same fleet size. Tata LPT 2818 price in India starts from Rs 26.2 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

    The gross vehicle weight (GVW) for a four-axle truck has increased from 31 tons to 35 tons as per increased axle load norms. The new 12 wheeler Tata truck’s power and torque remain 177 HP and 700 Nm respectively, just like it’s predecessor LPT 3118. It comes with 2 multi-drive modes also to offer a choice of power output and mileage to the driver, depending on vehicle load and road gradient. Tata LPT 3518 price in India starts from Rs 31.7 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

    India’s favorite 14 wheeler Tata truck LPT 3718, now has a new name as LPT 4223. The new 5 axle Tata truck offers 5 ton extra loading capacity and a class-leading power of 228 HP as against a mere 177 HP produced by the earlier one. Apart from the 22.5” tubeless tyre option, it also comes with 295/90R20 tube-type tyres, matching with the standard 20-inch rim dia. This makes Tata Motors the only brand in the Indian trucking industry, offering standard size 20-inch tube-type tyres along with increased GVW. Tata LPT 4223 price in India starts from Rs 34.3 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

    Offered with a twin tyre lift axle in 10x2 axle configuration, the new Tata LPT 4823 is a 16 wheeler rigid haulage truck offering a GVW of 47.5 tons. Bringing a lot of excitement in the market with different operating economics, LPT 4823 gets powered by India’s trusted Cummins ISNe 5.9 litre engine with SCR technology. It produces a 229 HP of max power and 810 Nm of torque to carry the heaviest of loads. The truck is offered in both Cowl chassis as well as Signa 4823 cabin options.

A new era of Indian trucking was initiated when Tata Motors showcased a rigid 16 wheeler truck at Auto Expo last year with the name Signa 4323.T. The truck after new nomenclature is called Signa 4923.T and looks like a mammoth machine on road with a 12x2 axle configuration.

The earlier Signa 4018 now comes with 5.3 tons of extra Gross Combination Weight (GCW) with Signa 4623.S. It also offers 50 horses of extra power compared to earlier 180 HP with Tata 4018. Tata Signa 4623 price starts from Rs 28.3 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

What used to India’s favorite tractor-trailer, Tata 4923.S now comes with an all-time high GCW of 55 tons as Tata Signa 5523.S. This is the highest GCW being offered in the Indian trucking market with a 3 axle trailer. Tata Signa 5523 price starts from Rs 33.6 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

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