Harvesting and Threshing Equipment

Harvesting and Threshing Equipment

Harvesting and Threshing Equipment

When you complete the process of farming, it is time to get your outcomes. Once the crops mature, harvesting takes place. Let us tell you which types of farming implements are available for harvesting so that you can choose the right farm machinery.

A. Reapers

Reapers are the farming implements to reap the mature crops. Two types of reaper machines are available in India: self-propelled and tractor reapers.

The popular reapers in India are:

  • Greaves Cotton GS MY4G 120
  • Shrachi SPR 1200 Paddy
  • VST Honda GX200

B. Thresher

thresher or thresher machine is an agricultural implement to thresh grain. It separates the seeds from stalks and husks. Moreover, it beats the plant for making seeds fall out.

The top 3 thresher machines are:

  • Dasmesh 641 – Paddy Thresher
  • Mahindra Thresher
  • Landforce Multi Crop

C. Harvester

The harvesters are known as combine as they consist of reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing operations. They combine these four operations in a single time to harvest grain crops. In addition, to harvest potatoes, potato harvester machines are also available in India.

Following are the popular harvester models in India.

  • Preet 987
  • Mahindra Arjun 605
  • Kartar 4000

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