What is the need to check with Garuda on tractor? Power tiller most important tips and tricks



What is the need to check with Garuda on tractor?

Special Features:

  • The Sharp Garuda Power Tiller is a self-propelled tilller ideal for open land tilling, bund forming, ploughing, field preparation, inter crop weeding in sugarcane & horticulture.
  • Powered by a 12HP water cooled Yanmar diesel engine and 3 ft rotavator width, the tiller allows for quick land covering on larger farm areas.
  • The Sharp Garuda Power Tiller is one of the very few indigenously made power tillers in India.
  • Weighing at 395 kg, this is the highest power-to-weight ratio machine in this category..

Suitable Crops

  • Paddy(Field preparation), Coconut Farm (Round-about preparation), Sugarcane, Casuarina and other horticulture crops with 3 feet inter crop spacing


Model NumberSharp Garuda 3PT 1200D
Engine12 HP YANMAR Diesel Engine
Dimension (mm)2300 X 815 X 1150
Weight (kg)395
Wheel Track Width3Min 533 to Max 685 (mm)
Forward Gears6
Reverse Gears2
RotovatorCentre Drive
Speed260 – 375
No of Blades24
Blade Width (mm)610 (24″)
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

What are the uses of a power tiller?

The Power Tiller a.k.a. Walking Tractor is versatile equipment that can be used to do a variety of jobs in small farms (5-10 acres) that a tractor can do in large farms. Some of the uses are as below:

1. It can help with primary land preparation with attachments like MB Plough, Double plough, 5 tyne cultivator, etc and secondary land preparation activities with a rotavator assembly.
2. It can tow a 1.5 Ton capacity trailer for carrying loads.
3. You can attach an HTP sprayer for crop maintenance activities
4. A generator can be attached to tap power for home/farm use
5. A seed drill can be attached for sowing seeds
6. You can attach a water pump for irrigation
7. A reaper attachment can be attached for harvesting
8. A thresher can be attached for post-harvest activities

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